Sulbutiamine Capsules


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Sulbutiamine Capsules

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What are Sulbutiamine Capsules, and what are the benefits of using these over messy powders? Sulbutiamine is a potent stimulant nootropic drug, with a range of cognitive benefits that function to mostly increase dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. Sulbutiamine is a stronger alternative to many other nootropics.

What is Sulbutiamine, and Why Are Capsules the Best Route?

Sulbutiamine is an enhanced version of Vitamin B1 (also known as Thiamine), and has beneficial effects on the human brain that include increased focus, better memory, more energy throughout the day, and a higher sex drive, at least as much as is reported in customer reviews. [1] Sulbutiamine is also known as “Arcalion” and because it is not a racetam, does not need CDP Choline in order to function properly (though it should be noted that CDP Choline, because of its effects in nature, can help to improve sulbutiamine’s effects).

Sulbutiamine crosses the blood-brain barrier in around an hour, and affects mainly dopamine and norepinephrine (though as a byproduct of its effect on dopamine, this drug also influences seratonin to a small degree. This is thought to be the reason for the drug’s effects.) It is one of our strongest, and cheapest nootropics.

Dosage of Sulbutiamine Caps

Typical dosages of sulbutiamine range from 2-500 milligrams per day, with 200mg being the minimum effective dosage, and with the highest recommended dosage at around 3 grams per day (studies have been done however that while it does lose effectiveness past this dose, it is safe to take well in excess of this.)

Sulbutiamine is safe in dosages of 5x the minimum effective dose, and can be taken with L-Tyrosine in order to keep dopamine stores fresh, and reduce tolerance build-up from Sulbutiamine. This is one of the most potent nootropics we offer, with only Phenylpiracetam, Noopept, Sunifiram and Adrafinil coming close in strength of nootropic effects.

Side Effects of Sulbutiamine

As a stimulant, common side effects one might come to expect from Sulbutiamine include headache (from dehydration) dry mouth, upset stomach, loss of appetite,and jitters. You may experience all or none of these side effects. Sulbutiamine lasts about 4-6 hours per each pill taken from our website, if you’re careful to eat regularly, drink plenty of fluids and make sure to get proper sleep, these side effects will rarely effect you.

Sulbutiamine Usage

When you take a sulbutiamine pill, within 30-60 minutes, you’ll feel a sudden burst of euphoric energy, your motivation and drive will increase, and focus and working memory will be much more sharp and clear as stated in many longecity reviews. [1]

Sulbutiamine, if used over the long-term has a tendency to develop tolerance, and while this does not manifest in withdrawal symptoms of much severity typically, this can prove problematic if your uncomfortable with continuously increasing your dosage This is also not recommended. L-Tyrosine, as well as taking weekend breaks from this supplement can work huge benefits on helping the human brain to recover its dopamine stores, keeping them fresh, and mitigating any potential tolerance to sulbutiamine.

Many entrepreneurs prefer this over many racetams because of this energetic and stimulating qualities it can offer. Sulbutiamine Capsules are also much more effective than messy powders, and don’t have an awful taste to them either!

Sulbutiamine Long-Term Benefits

Long-Term, this supplement can greatly improve your overall productivity and effectiveness at work, in business, or in the classroom. There’s a reason the nootropics industry is exploding rapidly, people are catching on that these supplements work wonders!

Short Term Benefits

Short term, Sulbutiamine supplies more energy, focus and working memory than before the drug is taken. It lasts for 4-6 hours on a single dose, and if supplied with L-Tyrosine can last even longer.

Final Thoughts on taking Sulbutiamine Capsules

Sulbutimine is a potent and grand nootropic for both experienced, and novel nootropics users. Sulbutiamine stacks great with racetams, and increases productivity as it is a general stimulant. Let us know how you like this supplement by leaving us a testimonial, and don’t forget to subscribe for an additional 5% off this product!



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