Noopept Capsules (10 milligram)

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Noopept Capsules

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10 milligrams

What is the Proper Amount of Your Noopept Capsules?

Noopept’s chemical name is N-Phenylacetyl-L-Prolyglycine ethyl esther.Noopept, while not a racetam, and more of an ampakine nootropic, is a peptide grouped together in the same category. For the sake of convenience, capsules are often used over powder, however Noopept can be taken sublingually, in powder form (even though the taste is horrific) as many users promote that it can make the effects stronger-though this has not yet been proven.

Reviews of Noopept Capsules

Most user reviews about Noopept boast of the perceived mental benefits that the nootropic drug can offer. In many subjects, Noopept has been shown to improve focus, energy levels, mental endurance and to even produce a mild euphoria if taken in moderate to high doses, and when taken with plenty of CDP Choline. [1]

Noopept Pills vs Raw Powder for Convenience

When using Noopept powders, many people tend to mess up dosing, leading to headaches, depression, extreme tiredness, and a rapid build-up of tolerance over time. Using the encapsulated version of Noopept can help to reduce human error, via lab grade machinery that takes care of weighing out the proper doses for you.

Noopept Side Effects

Noopept, because its very similar to Piracetam in molecular structure, requires choline in order to prevent headaches (it also acts on the acetylcholine receptors of the brain, which need fresh stores.) Noopept’s other side effects include tiredness (if far too much is taken), mania if taken in patients with bipolar disorder, increased thirst, cotton mouth, and jitters. You may experience all or none of these side effects when taking Noopept, so it’s best to start off with the lowest effective dosage and move up only as needed. Noopept can have a mild build-up of tolerance if taken in high doses over long periods of time, but a short break in usage will quickly lower the unpleasant results of this phenomenon. [2]

Dosage of SDFC’s Noopept Capsules

Typical Dosages of Noopept range from 10-30 milligrams taken 1 to 3 times daily. As a general rule of thumb, take Noopept at 10mg once per day first, and increase to the maximum of 90 milligrams per day, spread out between meals, as you feel necessary. At dosing patterns of below 10 milligrams, not much in the way of effects is felt. When taking our Noopept capsules, always do your own research and trials with the drug, before taking our word for it. [2]

Noopept Comparisons

Noopept, in comparison to many other nootropics, increases transmission between the synaptic clefts, and as a result, increases energy and productivity. A simple dose of Noopept is comparable to a mega dose of Piracetam (4-5000 milligrams of Piracetam taken all at once.) Noopept is significantly stronger even at the significantly lowered dose, and stacks great with stimulants, AMpakines like Sunifiram for a serious memory boost, and with other racetams.

User Reviews of Noopept Capsules vs Other Companies Powders

Most users report a general feeling of increased visual perception, improved mood, easier focusing abilities, and increased mental endurance. While Noopept is not a “cure-all” by any means, it can be a great addition to any entrepreneurs, students, or hard-working individuals lifestyle’s to help them in their productivity and performance.




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