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Cheap L-Theanine

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Chances are, if you are a regular tea drinker you may have been consuming this nootropic without even knowing it. That is because it was found to be present in green tea more than 65 years ago. While the benefits of green tea have been known for some time, the specific benefits of its use have now been traced to the presence of L-Theanine. It can also be purchased as a supplement in capsule form in 50, 60, and 100 mg, doses. Our Cheap L-Theanine from Smart Drugs for College is a fantastic way to boost cognition and lower uneasiness.


Side effects


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had listed L-Theanine as being safe to use for the general public. However, as with any drug or supplement, different people may experience some side effects depending on the quantity and frequency of its use. Known side effects are mild, primarily affecting the GI tract along with reports of headaches and dizziness accompanying it use. No severe reactions to overuse have been reported.


Dosage of Our Cheap L-Theanine Capsules


The average cup (8 oz.) of green tea contains approximately 5 mg. of L-Theanine while the toxicity levels are very low. But it depends on the type of green tea you purchase. This average L-Thenaine content is far exceeded when choosing shade grown green tea, where concentrations can be as high as 45 mg. per cup. Purchasing capsules can also be used as a supplement, giving the user a wide variety of options on how to take L-Theanine over the course of a day.


Benefits, Why Use Cheap L-Theanine?


One the of the most common benefits associated with L-Theanine is its ability to reduce both physical and mental stress. Other studies have shown that regular doses of the supplement result in similar effects to caffeine – without the adverse side effects. These include improved cognition and an improved mood.


Long-term use


One of the major issues concerning the continued use of L-Theanine supplements or regular consumption of green tea is whether the body builds up a tolerance to the effects of its use over time. Currently there is no research that suggests any reduction in effectiveness. However, this applies only to people who use the supplement in normal doses. No conclusive research exists on tolerance for high dosage users.




Actual users of L-Theanine supplements report considerable boosts in mood and attitude after taking an average dose of 60 mg. tablets. Others report reduced stress levels evidenced by the elimination of heart palpitations created by high stress lifestyles.

Final Thoughts on Our Cheap L-Theanine


Existing research scientifically validates the positive effects of L-Theanine on the human body. The National Institute of Health has one such study on its website that states the following: “These data indicate that L-theanine, at realistic dietary levels, has a significant effect on the general state of mental alertness or arousal. Furthermore, alpha activity is known to play an important role in critical aspects of attention, and further research is therefore focused on understanding the effect of L-theanine on attentional processes.” [1]



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