Centrophenoxine Capsules


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Centrophenoxine Capsules

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Centrophenoxine is also known as Meclofenoxate and was developed into a supplement form in the late 1950s. It was researched for over five decades to see just what benefits it would have on the brain. In order for a brain to function the way we need and want it to, it must have everything working together properly.

Acetycholine is very essential in our central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. When levels of acetycholine start to decrease, we start to experience mental and physical problems. Centrophenoxine capsules are an often preferred alternative to messy, gross tasting powders.


Centrophenoxine and the Benefits Long-Term


The benefits/results will also depend on whether or not the individual is following the directions and not taking more than is instructed. *The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any illness.


The Recommended Dosage Of Centrophenoxine

Centrophenoxine CapsulesThe dosage is normally around 500 milligrams and is taken in the morning and in the evening. Once it has been taken for a while and the body becomes used to it, the dosage may be increased to compensate for tolerance. Typical effects of centrophenoxine at the 500 milligram level include increased awareness and sensory perception, better focus and memory, and better overall clarity of thought. [1]


The Side Effects Associated With Centrophenoxine


The side effects experienced while taking Centrophenoxine have been known to be mild and they include:

– gastrointestinal problems

– dizziness

– headaches

– irritability

– nausea

– muscle tension

Most of these side effects almost never occur in users who take Centrophenoxine Capsules both short-term, and on a very regular basis.

Centrophenoxine has been described as being generally safe to use and can be purchased over the counter or online.



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