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Buy Phenylpiracetam Online

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What is Phenylpiracetam?

Buy Phenylpiracetam online right from your own home, it is one of our most potent online nootropic supplements, and is one of the best ways to increase brain power short-term, and in less than an hour for a large project, test or meeting. Phenylpiracetam is a newly devised form of the original nootropic drug “Piracetam,” just with a Phenyl ring added to it (Phenyl influences dopamine, think the amino acid “Phenylalanine.”) This makes the drug much more potent than just the racetam in itself, as it also acts on the reuptake of dopamine, acetylcholine, seratonin to a small degree, and norepinephrine. [1]

Phenylpiracetam is one of our most potent nootropics, and is debateable as number 1! Other nootropics that come close are Noopept, Sunifiram, and Adrafinil, but even these lack the kick in the pants that Phenylpiracetam can sometimes offer. Phenylpiracetam was even banned in the 2004 olympics in Athens, and was found an athlete tested positive for it under the brand name “Carphedron.” The athlete was stripped of his medal won in track and field. If it’s banned in the olympics for giving an unfair advantage than you know it’s a good supplement!

Phenylpiracetam Dosage

Typical dosages of Phenylpiracetam range from 1-700 milligrams per day, taken either all at once or gradually throughout the day in-between meals. We sell Phenylpiracetam like no one else does, in 200 milligram capsules, instead of 100 milligrams, so you get a real burst of energy and focus.

Start of with one capsule, and increase to as many as four per day, gradually and as you feel necessary. Always start with the lowest effective dosage of one pill at a time. Phenylpiracetam requires the addition of a CDP Choline supplement to work better, prevent headaches, and increase potency.

Phenylpiracetam Pills, Purchase Online for Convenience

When you get this over the web, you get the added benefit of sourcing straight from your own home. Take the middleman out of the equation and get Phenylpiracetam lightning fast with our express shipping option at checkout. We accept nearly all credit cards and bitcoin, and if for some reason, you need to charge a card we don’t take, shoot us an email and we’ll send out an invoice.

How will this affect me, and Can I Buy Phenylpiracetam Online from SDFC at 100% Purity?

When you take a Phenylpiracetam, the drug crosses the blood-brain barrier in a little under 45 minutes, and will reach peak blood-plasma levels in one hour on the dot. Once it kicks in, you’ll notice its working because your physical energy will increase significantly (Phenylpiracetam does not take time to start working, its immediate, and you can really feel it “come up” like many stimulants) your vision will seem more crisp and clear, and your focus and energy will feel extremely stimulated. You can rest assured that if you choose to buy Phenylpiracetam online here at, that our product is purity tested, and that it is only 100% pure.

Phenylpiracetam Benefits, What do Buyers Expect?

Benefits of Phenylpiracetam include increased focus and energy levels, more strength and endurance during workouts, and an overall better level of cognition. Many bodybuilders use this as a pre-workout to aid in heavy lifting, and many college students and entrepreneurs have openly boasted about how its effects get them into a “productive state of being” and thus facilitate faster learning and better work sessions. Our customers who continually buy Phenylpiracetam only tolerate entirely pure nootropic product, and so we only ship out the best quality capsules in the business. If there’s a problem or issue with your order, send it back for a full refund!

Phenylpiraetam Side Effects

Side Effects of Phenylpiracetam include, headache if not enough choline is taken, jitters, tiredness, loss of appetite, dry mouth, and increased thirst. When you buy Phenylpiracetam, do so with the knowledge that the drug is near entirely free of excess side effects.

Does this need CDP Choline?

Yes, you absolutely need CDP Choline with Phenylpiracetam. While you may be able to get away without a headache the first few times you take it, after awhile your choline stores will get depleted, and it will start to noticeably manifest.

Plus choline makes Phenylpiracetam last longer, and makes for a much smoother ride, since your brain has stores to use for nootropic effects. As a general rule take one 250 mg choline pill for each 200 mg Phenylpiracetam pill.

How long can I take this for?

You can take Phenylpiracetam over the long-term too, and for as long as necessary. Simply continue to use choline with it and maybe look into N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine to lower tolerance if long-term if something you’re hoping towards.

Final Thoughts on buying Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam is a fantastic nootropic and is one of the best there is, get a sampler pack if you want to do a trial to start out, and be sure to leave us a testimonial on how phenylpiracetam has benefited you. When you buy Phenylpiracetam from, you can rest assured that you’re getting only 100% pure quality product.



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