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….and what exactly is Centrophenoxine?
Centrophenoxine is a better and more rapidly absorbed type of choline, with an active molecule bound to a stimulatory enhancer, allowing it to cross the blood brain barrier much easier than other forms of lone choline. Centrophenoxine is a type of choline with an added DMAE component, allowing both the DMAE and Choline mechanisms of action to both be more potent, and more easily accessible in the brain. Typical effects of centrophenoxine, in rats, included greater choline reuptake and potentially better thought clarity, though more research is needed to confirm this. [1]

Centrophenoxine side effects

Typical side effects of Centrophenoxine, especially when sold as capsules (because the dosages are measured out and people often times double or triple up the standard recommended dosage-of one pill) are jitteriness, loss of appetite, dehydration, headache, and possible tiredness, most of these side effects are entirely alleviated when normal dosages are taken. When you buy Centrophenoxine from Smart Drugs for College, you are getting 100% pure quality Centro!

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Most users who take centrophenoxine-while we cannot boast of any exact effects that you may or may not feel whilst under the influence of this drug, describe a feeling of mild euphoria and calmness, a stimulated mind, and increased focus and memory. Centrophenoxine is best taken however, in nootropic stacks, as a choline derivative used in place of CDP Choline for that added and unique kick to your nootropic stack. The best way to know how you will react is quite simply trial and error. Be sure when taking centrophenoxine to start off with the minimal effective dosages (one capsule a day on our website) before increasing to 2 a day, and 3 capsules per day as desired. If you choose to use the internet as a way to buy centrophenoxine online, the cheaper internet costs usually outweigh the extra burden of shipping.

Normal dosage of centrophenoxine ranges from 200-600 milligrams per day. Take one capsule of centrophenoxine from our website once daily for best benefits, and be sure to stack it with our best and most powerful nootropics, such as our racetams, ampakines, and stimulant nootropics. Centrophenoxine is a unique and equally as powerful way to get all the nootropic effects of a choline and racetam combination. [2]




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