Bacopa Monnieri Capsules


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Bacopa Monnieri Capsules

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500 Milligrams

What is Bacopa Monnieri, and Why are Capsules Better than Powders?

Bacopa Monnieri has many names, and is a potent herbal nootropic. Waterhyssop (or water hyssop), brahmi, thyme-leafed gratiola, herb of grace, and Indian pennywort are some of the common names associated with the herb. It is found on every continent, namely: southern India and Eastern Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and North and South America.

Bacopa is not the only medicinal herb to have the name brahmi, however. Consumers must be careful, as gotu kola and other herbs are sometimes given the same name.

Bacopa Monnieri has many positive reviews behind it on Longecity, and most users claim they could feel more relaxed, and boasted of other notable benefits while taking the nootropic. Click Here for More [1]. It is used in the form of capsules often, as powder can be messy and inconvenient.

Dosages of Bacopa Monnieri

The recommended dosage for those looking to improve their memory and thinking abilities is 500 mg of Bacopa Monneiri each day. This should be taken orally.

Side Effects of Bacopa Monnieri Capsules [2]

Common side effects associated with Bacopa include: See More Details Here

This is not a full range of side effects that may occur when taking Bacopa Monnieri. This product description is only intended to inform of some possibilities. Those who are expecting or whom are on other medications should not take this supplement. 

Reviews of Bacopa Monnieri

Users are very positive about Bacopa and its effectiveness. Reviews show individuals with concentration problems giving Bacopa a stamp of approval. Students find the most benefit from the herb. [1]

Long-Term Use of Bacopa Monnieri

Taking Bacopa Monnieri for extended periods of time is not recommended. For most users, 3-6 weeks is sufficient. Many users also take sparingly on an as needed basis. [1]


Research for Bacopa Monnieri is still insufficient to give a judgement on how it works. Many studies do however show that Bacopa has noticeable effects.

Bacopa is not a cure for any syndrome and this product description is only intended to inform.

Benefits of Bacopa Monnieiri

The overall benefits of Bacopa come in possibly improving memory. While this is not 100% definitive, there is in-fact ongoing research to prove as much. [2]

Final Thoughts on Bacopa Monneiri Capsules

Bacopa, or brahmi, has a long list of names and uses. Its use can be traced back to ancient Hindu religious rituals. Although it is associated with spirituality, research has shown that there is some weight behind the medicine’s claims.



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