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Alpha GPC Capsules

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About Alpha GPC Choline Pills

-Alpha GPC Capsules are a well-researched, convenient alternative to messy powders. Alpha-GPC is a naturally occurring chemical. It is formed when a fatty acid in soy breaks down. The marketing and usage of the nootropic varies a great deal in different places. [1]

-In America, Alpha-GPC Capsules are marketed as a Choline Source

Dosages of Alpha GPC Capsules

Dosage for alpha-GPC depends on the user. The variables include age, gender, and overall health. Typical dosages range from 5-1500 milligrams, taken 1-3 times daily, and usually increased following the development of tolerance. Always start with the lowest effective dosage of one pill, and increase the dose accordingly. [2]

Side Effects of Alpha GPC

Alpha-GPC is considered safe under normal circumstances. Typical side effects however include:



-Loss of Appetite


These side effects occur mainly when users take too high of a dose, don’t drink water, or don’t eat properly whilst taking the supplement. Be sure to maintain a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids when supplementing Alpha GPC. Disclaimer: This is not a full comprehensive list of all side effects, consult your doctor before beginning a supplement regiment. 

Alpha GPC Capsules Reviews

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Most users say they feel recharged mentally and physically. Alpha GPC’s relaxation benefits are related to Ashwagandha and other adaptogens in terms of potency. Alpha GPC is commonly used by bodybuilders as a way to improve choline synthesis. [3]

Long-Term Use

There is not enough research to give an accurate judgment of the long-term use of alpha-GPC. Records show that the supplement is safe if the user does not abuse it.

Alpha GPC Capsules Research

Early research has shown benefits for those taking Alpha GPC Choline in the amount of choline in the brain.



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