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Buy Nootropics Online

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are a branch of psychoactive drugs that work on the human brain to increase memory, focus, and overall cognition, improve quality of visual perception, and increase energy and productivity levels in mentally demanding tasks. Nootropics are not like common ADHD psychostimulants, do not have a risk of addiction, and are largely devoid of excess side effects, making them the perfect long-term alternative for many stimulant users. If you’re new to nootropics as a whole, when taking a nootropic, don’t expect the “Limitless Pill,” and don’t expect something extremely euphoric or life-changing. When taking nootropics however, intend on having a significantly improved memory that you can feel while studying, learning, and in everyday tasks. Expect much improved focus, and bask in the benefits of increased energy levels.

Why Buy Nootropics?

When you take nootropics, you give yourself a leg up on all the competitors in your industry that either don’t know about, or are not well-informed enough on the purported benefits, to use nootropics, or “smart drugs.” If a non-addictive, well-researched, with decades of clinical trials supplement came out with benefits that clearly improve your brains ability to function, would you rob yourself of the potentially endless benefits this could have on your everyday life? With nootropics, you get just what you want out of coffee, or prescription ADHD medications, should you use them- increased mental abilities, just without any side effects, and no withdrawals or build-up of tolerance.

Purchase Nootropics on the Web for the sake of Convenience

Purchasing Nootropics over the internet is the most convenient way to get much improved, highly developed brain power, right from the comfort of your own home. Nootropics are not sold in stores, and are only available online, though largely unknown, due to the increase in popularity of things like the movies “Limitless” and “Lucy,” the curiosity and realization about the effectiveness of nootropics, is rapidly coming to light.

Side effects of Nootropics

While nootropics are near totally void of any excess side effects, they can have unintended effects that are very mild. These include, a headache when taking the racetams, if not enough choline is used, and these are Piracetam, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam and Phenylpiracetam-use choline with these. This can also happen with the ampakine nootropics, Noopept and Sunifiram, since they originated from racetam-like drugs. Racetams use acetylcholine for their main effect, which can often times leave brain stores of it depleted, through this, more choline is needed in order to maintain baseline and/or enhanced levels. Choline also makes Racetams and Ampakines even stronger by providing an excess of the main neurotransmitter used for their effect.

Benefits of Nootropics

The benefits of nootropics as a whole include, significantly increased memory, better focus, visual and perceptual improvements, cumulative effects over the long-term when taken on a daily basis, and an increased ability to interpret and collect information. For both the long-term and short, nootropics are a great option for those looking to increase cognitive abilities, have more energy at work or in business, and be an overall enhanced version of themselves.

How to use Nootropics, and Examples of Nootropics

Use nootropics for any task that you need to be sharper, more alert, and have better memory or better focus for. Nootropics are mainly used by business professionals looking for an edge on the competition, students in college with difficult majors, and/or hard working middle class people’s feeling burnt out, or wanting a boost to improve productivity at work. Here is the run-down on some of our main nootropics, what they do, and what you should expect when using them.

  • Piracetam– Piracetam is the original racetam and is the first nootropic ever made of its class.Developed in the mid 1960’s, Piracetam was shown in mice to improve learning and recall, and thus was put out to the general public (amidst harsh speculation by the majority) as a general intelligence booster. When you take a Piracetam, don’t expect a stimulant feeling, or something you’ve seen in the movies, instead, take notice when your vision improves, as the Piracetam is starting to take effect. From here, you’ll notice a subtle, effective boost in memory, mood, and focus.
  • Aniracetam– Aniracetam is much the same as Piracetam, but with an anxiolytic type effect.Good for stacking with stimulants or helping combat anxiety.
  • Oxiracetam– The speedy racetam, up to 15x stronger than Piracetam, its original analogue,Oxiracetam is a potent version of Piracetam that helps gives the brain a stimulating kick.
  • Pramiracetam– Pramiracetam is up to 30x stronger than Piracetam, so it’s highly important thatyou use plenty of choline with this nootropic. Pramiracetam has superior memory and focus,and helps promote clarity of thought.
  • Phenylpiracetam– Up to 40x stronger than Piracetam, but in many ways is in a class of its own.This also goes by the names of Carphedron, and Phenotropil, and was even banned in theOlympics when it was found that cyclists and Olympic sprinters were using it (so you know it’s strong.) Phenylpiracetam adds a “Phenyl” element-allowing dopamine stores to be increased as well as acetylcholine, making for a truly powerful nootropic. While choline is not as necessary with this as with the other four racetams, a mild headache can still occur if choline is not used- better safe than sorry.
  • Adrafinil– Also known as Olmifon, Adrafinil is a Pro-Drug of Modafinil and is 99% as strong as theschedule IV Prescription drug. Adrafinil does not warrant the need for choline by any means,and is one of our most potent nootropics we offer.
  • Sunifiram– Sunifiram is, for the short term, the absolute strongest smart drug on the openonline markets today. Sunifiram is a powerful AMpakine Nootropic, and causes uptake of theneurotransmitter Glutamate. The first time you take Sunifiram, expect extreme memory, focus, and euphoria that will blow most other noots, smart drugs, and psychostimulants out of the water. Beware however, Choline is very necessary when taking Choline, and try to keep the dose as low as possible, as tolerance can build because of how strong this is.
  • Noopept– Noopept is also an AMpakine nootropic, and while it is slightly weaker than Sunifiram,it lasts much longer, is a very mood-dependent drug (it increases your mood…so make sureyou’re happy when taking this) and needs choline. Sunifiram is like Noopept with a stimulant added to it, Noopept is just the mental effects, if you’re in a good mood, Noopept can last for well over 12 hours, and is great for productivity!

What will I feel when taking Nootropics?

When taking nootropics, expect smooth, much more collected levels of energy, focus and memory. Nootropics aren’t a cure-all by any means, but they can and will lead to noticeable levels of self-improvement.

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